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What's it like to actually live here? We asked a few locals to share their stories about daily life, insider tips, and favorite things to do in the city.

The pace of life felt less hectic, and I immediately felt comfortable.

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Sarah Joy Hays, Owner/Chief Kitchen Officer at CounterspaceBR, Caffeine Enthusiast

Because of the many opportunities in Baton Rouge, from innovative business models to the metropolitan area's growth, this is a perfect landing spot for entrepreneurs.

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Chris Hilliard, Co-Founder/CEO of Suds Laundry Services, Laundry Folding Expert

It’s common to make some great business deals during the week, then get invited to that client’s family BBQ or crawfish boil that very weekend.

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Ben Marcel, CEO of Torapath Technologies, Owner of LA Threaux and Code Ninjas, Technology Integrator

Baton Rouge stands distinct, offering a rich, dynamic way of life that continually captivates my heart.

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Dr. Sinella Aghasi, Associate Executive Director at Kids’ Orchestra, Music Maven
An outdoor music event with a crowd of people seated on lawn chairs and blankets on a grassy area. A band is performing on a small stage decorated with colorful banners, and there's lush greenery and flowering plants in the foreground and background.

“The city exudes a sense of community and belonging like no other.