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A BTR Community

  • Diverse & Welcoming
    Community and togetherness are alive and well here, but with a Baton Rouge flair. Our residents have varying backgrounds, points of view, and ways of life.
  • Tons of Ways to Get Plugged In
    With over 835 social clubs, recreational sports teams, non-profit groups, and professional organizations, you're sure to find a group that makes you feel at home.
  • Community Starts at Home
    Many neighborhoods in Baton Rouge happily welcome newcomers, celebrate each other, and serve as their own mini-communities.

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Adult Sports Clubs

If you’re looking for fitness, fun, and camaraderie, you’ve got options here. Check out the adult soccer leagues organized by the Baton Rouge Soccer Club or the Cycling Club for group rides and events, just to name a few.

A close-up of a soccer player’s legs as they're about to kick a soccer ball on an outdoor field, wearing white socks and orange cleats.

Clubs & Organizations

Baton Rouge offers a wide range of clubs and organizations, from like-minded lifestyle communities to hobbyist groups. Whether it’s the Rotary Club for community service or the Astronomical Society for night-sky lovers, there’s something for everyone.

A woman outdoors, laughing and holding a tray of pine tree seedlings, with trees in the background.

Religious Communities

Religious communities serve as vital social and spiritual hubs throughout the city. Notable examples include The Chapel, a large non-denominational church catering to college students, to the St. Joseph Cathedral, a historic Catholic church downtown.

Two friends leaning on a wooden railing outdoors, sharing a laugh together with a backdrop of greenery.

Finding BTR Youth Communities

There are many, many ways for children of all ages to engage in sports, make friends, and find a community. Check out the YMCA or BREC for youth sports leagues, activities, clinics, and more.

child swimming laps in a pool

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