A BTR Career

Accelerate, pivot, or launch your career here. Baton Rouge is at the center of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


From Local Businesses to Global Behemoths...

Baton Rouge has it all. Our community is home to many thriving small businesses and global organizations, like ExxonMobil Chemical Company the region's fourth-largest employer.

BTR Industries with BTR Culture

From small boutiques to regional health centers and everything in between, Baton Rouge is home to dozens of industries. And our more casual culture means you won't always need that three-piece suit... unless you're into that sort of thing.

Entrepreneurship & Remote Work Thrive

Baton Rouge is one of the most entrepreneurially-minded areas in the country, with small businesses as the heartbeat of the economy. With dozens of local coffee shops and co-working spaces, remote workers also find productivity here.

Commute times average the same duration as your favorite Friends episode.

22–25 minutes

Is the average commute time for residents. Spend less time in the car and more time binge-watching your favorite shows.

Our port's annual tonnage averages the weight of over 22,500 blue whales.


Represents the annual cargo tonnage for the 10th largest port in the U.S. With that much cargo going in and out, it's no wonder there are more than 700 logistics companies in the region, providing more than 12,000 jobs.

Tell your friends your coworker is a live tiger.


Employees make up the second-largest employer in the region – the world-famous Louisiana State University (LSU). With a live tiger mascot housed at an on-campus state-of-the-art facility, you could say that's one ferocious coworker!

We’re a small, big city where families and businesses can thrive...

The city has a unique size advantage—it's big enough to ensure...

The city exudes a sense of community. Living in Baton Rouge...

Because of the many opportunities in Baton Rouge from innovative...

Baton Rouge is a perfect combination of business, politics...

...and experience growth, but also strongly connect with the community as a whole. It’s common to make some great business deals during the week, then get invited to that client’s family BBQ or crawfish boil that very weekend. That’s the close-knit culture that I love about Baton Rouge.

Ben Marcel
CEO of Torapath Technologies

...there's always something new on the horizons, yet intimate enough to allow for genuine, lasting professional relationships. These connections have been a significant factor in my steady career progression. Baton Rouge's tight-knit professional community has created the perfect backdrop for my career to grow at a comfortable pace.

Dr. Sinella Aghasi
Associate Executive Director at Kids’ Orchestra, Music Maven

...provides an amazing balance of work and life, leading to more time to relax and do what you love.

Julie Gerdes Becnel
Owner of Little Rouge Hen, Mama Hen

...business models to the metropolitan area's growth, this is a perfect landing spot for entrepreneurs trying to start or scale a business.

Chris Hilliard
Co-Founder/CEO, Suds Laundry Services

...and a college spirit. Its rich history influences its culture, and young (and old) entrepreneurs and change makers are constantly expanding the boundaries of what most people believe the best version of Baton Rouge can be.

Eric & Nicole
Baton Rouge Area Foundation, Salon Brushed