A BTR Way to Live

Culture, creativity, and recreation to match your energy. From slow, front porch sitting to the excitement of a night on the town, Baton Rouge has it all.


A BTR Community

Community and togetherness are alive and well here in Baton Rouge. With numerous ways to get involved and connected, this is the place to find your people and finally feel a true sense of belonging.

Enjoy the Comfort of Our Big Small Town

As the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is small enough to feel like home but big enough to check all the boxes. We are a deeply connected and diverse community.

Experiences for Every Age

From art galleries to acres of accessible parks to award-winning museums, fill your days with culturally rich experiences, outdoor adventures, and family-friendly fun.

Enough park acreage to fill 4,200 football fields.


Outdoor activities such as the Windrush Gardens, Movies & Music on the Lawn, and over 180 parks for residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors.

Fill your social calendar.


Recreation, sports, and social clubs call Baton Rouge home. Join a club to build your community.

Fill 20 weekends with museum adventures.


Museums call Baton Rouge home, and many participate in Free First Sunday with no admission fee on the first Sunday of every month. You could go to two per weekend for 20 weeks and still not see them all!

We’re a small, big city where families and businesses can thrive...

Baton Rouge stands distinct offering a rich, dynamic way of life...

The city exudes a sense of community. Living in Baton Rouge...

If New Orleans is a melting pot, Baton Rouge is a gumbo.

Baton Rouge is a perfect combination of business, politics...

...and experience growth, but also strongly connect with the community as a whole. It’s common to make some great business deals during the week, then get invited to that client’s family BBQ or crawfish boil that very weekend. That’s the close-knit culture that I love about Baton Rouge.

Ben Marcel
CEO of Torapath Technologies

...that continually captivates my heart. This city is welcoming and warm and offers an unmatched blend of cultural festivities, artistic rendezvous, and culinary delights.

Dr. Sinella Aghasi
Associate Executive Director at Kids’ Orchestra, Music Maven

...provides an amazing balance of work and life, leading to more time to relax and do what you love.

Julie Gerdes Becnel
Owner of Little Rouge Hen, Mama Hen

It’s a unique city, full of celebration, sports, culture, music, food, business opportunities, and more.

Chris Hilliard
Co-Founder/CEO, Suds Laundry Services

...and a college spirit. Its rich history influences its culture, and young (and old) entrepreneurs and change makers are constantly expanding the boundaries of what most people believe the best version of Baton Rouge can be.

Eric & Nicole
Baton Rouge Area Foundation, Salon Brushed